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See the LX Music Page for Live Performance LX CDs and downloadable files.

The emulation CD series is offered as a low cost alternative to buying the Classical, Popular and Variety CDs. No software (Other than a standard media player, such as the Windows Media Player) is needed to produce emulations of Reproducing Piano Performances. The emulation files (of the appropriate category) are also included on the Classical, Popular and Variety Cds. 


The Emulation Cd contains MIDI emulations of Duo-Art Reproducing Piano performances in several formats for use with MIDI modules sound cards and electronic as well as solenoid pianos.  


See the file listings on the Classical and Popular Pages. Emulation CDs contain all the files of the similarly named Classical and Popular Cds. Emulation I also contains the files of the Variety Cd.

Files are provided in MIDI type 0, MIDI type 1. A utility is also available to convert to SEQ files for the Yamaha Disklavier. The MIDI type 0 files meet the special needs of the PianoDisc system. 


Utilities are included  to allow custom tailoring of the the files to suit MIDI devices with special requirements and to suit individual preferences. 


Pricing is provided on the "To Order" page.