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I have been collecting and scanning piano rolls for over 35years. Spencerís E-Rolls sells electronic versions of these piano rolls. Our musical resource contains files for both original pneumatic instruments and for modern solenoid pianos as well as any standard MIDI device such as PianoTeq

I have a new exciting offering. Audio solo piano music can now be converted to MIDI files using an AI program. Unfortunately the results with the available software can be less than perfect. So I have spent 9 months writing a program to "improve" the music. The results range from quite good to amazing. I am offering a set of over 17000 files created with this process. Check this page Click here for details. To order use the ORDER_E-roll_CDs page.

I have another fun project that I will be making available to the public soon. I have been working on this for several months and it is now a reality. With a little more testing I will be offering the full set of plans and software for making files to drive the machine. No special tools are required other than the laser engraver that will be used to do the cutting. The cutter can be adapted to virtually any type of roll. This page has more information and demonstration files you can download. DIY LASER PIANO ROLL CUTTER

Our most popular collection is a set of over 5058 MIDI files compatible with all modern reproducing pianos such as the Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc and Pianomation systems for $230. Click here for more information.  To purchase E-Rolls for modern and antique pneumatic instruments ORDER_E-roll_CDs

Many utilities are available for working with MIDI files. These may be found on files4Download

Files for the LX  Live Performance LX Reproducing Systems are now available. See the LX Music Page for information and to order.Utilities are also available here  LX tools and information page

Any and all inquiries will receive a prompt reply so please don't hesitate to e-mail your questions.E-mail to Spencer

For those who want information and tools for using Audio to MIDI click here

For those who are familiar with my old web site you can find it here. Be warned that some old links might not work and that you may need to use the back feature of your browser to get back to the page you want. Old Site

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