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I will include both positive and legitimate negative feedback as it is provided. No negatives yet.

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the cd I purchased several months ago. I'm about
ready to get another. Thanks for making these available. They've made my
investment in a disklavier well worth the money."
Rich Tolsma

"A super collection of outstanding music that every music lover should have and enjoy.  My Pianodisc system never sounded professional until I got this collection.  Being new to both a computer and pianodisc, Spencer answered all my questions, and now I have a wealth of music to enjoy."
Ken Davis

I've been meaning to write to tell you how much I'm enjoying the disks, but I have simply been swamped. They're really unbelievable! Will you be issuing more? If so, please put me on your mailing list.

"Thank you for all of your help and patience! It's such a joy to hear all of this music and to think of all the "greats" who are actually performing on my own piano. You are providing a wonderful service !"
Sue Pikarsky

"Wow!  While waiting for my PowerRoll I tried all of Spencer's CDs.  My sound card was passable, but only made waiting more frustrating.  Spencer suggested a Kurzweil MicroPiano which I bought on e-bay for $206.  With some help from Spencer, and much experimenting I have the best sounding electronic piano I have ever heard.  Playing some of my rolls on my Weber Duo-Art grand and listening to the same electronic version has convinced me that even without a player you can still enjoy the music!"
John Spradley

 "I promised that I would get back with you about your files...I'm playing Saint -Saen's Concerto #2 as we speak-- one of my favorite pieces of music! It's clean and correct, all the way through, and I don't hear anything that would discredit it at all. I think you have done a marvelous job!"
Craig Brougher

"They sound great - I am now about to try them on the P'Roll using the MIDI files."
Tim Baxter

"Spencers file played flawlessly, expressed _excellent_, the upright piano gave an _outstanding_ performance, I dare say, better than many grands I have heard. It's got to take something _really_ special to make me take notice, and actually make me amazed about a piano I built, and know very well. I was taken totally aback with what I heard my instrument do with this file. as such, I recommend Spencer's Roll scans highly."


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