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My current emphasis is on scanning the libraries of Duo-Art, Ampico and Welte Reproducing Piano Rolls. I am interested in borrowing rolls from other collectors that I do not have in my collection. I will provide copies without charge in exchange for the loan of rolls that I feel are worth preserving.  I can scan 11.25" rolls as well as Welte T100 format rolls and can convert T100 rolls to licensee format for electronic playing and also for cutting new rolls.

I will also consider scanning private collections, for a fee, if I do not feel that the rolls are worth adding to my collection. I am aware that taste in music varies and that I may miss the opportunity to record music that I might later consider differently but I need to apply my limited time to those rolls that I feel are most deserving.

My scanning equipment is extremely gentle on rolls. It is much less damaging to fragile rolls than playing them on even the most carefully restored reproducing piano. The paper is handled by sensors which limit the tension to a very low level. In addition, the paper edges are not touched for the purpose of tracking as in a pneumatic player piano. The tracking is done in software and there is no need to touch the edges, where most damage exists. It is even possible to scan rolls that could never be played on a player piano due to warped paper and edge damage.

Please contact me if you have rolls that you feel should be preserved and are willing to have scanned for that purpose.