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The Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association Conceived and born in San Francisco in 1963, is a non-profit, tax exempt group devoted to the restoration, distribution and enjoyment of musical instruments using perforated paper music rolls and perforated music books. The natural growth of the Association has broadened its interests over the years to embrace many forms of vintage musical instruments that will play by themselves by some mechanical or electro-mechanical means. Instruments of interest include player pianos, reproducing grand pianos, nickelodeons, orchestrions, circus/fairground organs, player pipe prgans, disk/cylinder music boxes.

Musical Box Society International An educational organization dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of automatic and mechanica musical instruments. A Goal of the MBSI is to provide information and education. Visit our entire website and then join us.

Live Performance Live Performance manufactures the LX Reproducing Piano system which may be installed in almost any grand piano. No other retrofit system comes close to the performance of the LX. With native LX files the performance is stunning. Disklavier, PianoDisc, Pianomation and Pianocorder files may be used as well.

Mid2PianoCD MID2PianoCD is a software utility for Windows which allows you to encode MIDI and ESEQ music files into the special CD formats required for various types of electronic player piano systems. These are CDs in which one audio channel contains audio accompaniment while the other audio channel contains a digital control track for the piano (sometimes referred to as "analog MIDI").This software currently supports "Live Performance" LX, Yamaha Disklavier, PianoDisc, QRS Pianomation and Marantz Pianocorder formats

Mechanical Music Digest
  One of the most popular sites on the Web for anyone interested in Mechanical Musical Devices and related topics.

Meliora Music Rolls Piano rolls (paper) original and recuts in reproducing Piano Roll formats as well as 88 note. Excellent selections and excellent quality. Master recreations of original piano rolls.

Player Piano Group UK-based society welcoming all owners and enthusiasts of the player piano in all its varieties, founded by Frank Holland in 1959. Holds regular social meetings and issues a quarterly magazine covering all aspects of the hobby, plus postal auctions of rolls.

Julian Dyer piano rolls
Maker of perforated paper rolls for Duo-Art and 88-note player pianos. Has a small catalog of perforation-accurate replica rolls available off-the-shelf. Offers a custom recutting service for a wide range of titles, including most of those offered on Spencer's eRolls, and creation of new rolls from MIDI files."

Carol Beigel's Web Site An excellent resources for Yamaha Disklavier owners as well as anyone interested in MIDI.

Paul Manganaro
(E-Mail link only, no web site) Full service piano and pneumatic restoration. Authorized Chase E-Roll Player installations

Peter Phillips  Ampico erolls. A CD-ROM collection of over 1440 Ampico erolls in BAR/ANN and MIDI formats is now available from Peter Phillips, Australia. Peter's CD-ROM was released in February 2001 at the AMICA convention in Melbourne. It comes with lots of documentation, and an easy to use catalog system in which you simply click on the item in the catalog to play it. Price of the CD-ROM is US$400

Player Care  A reference for all your Player Piano needs. Very well organized and friendly.

GNMIDI Anyone who uses MIDI files, needs this program. Dozens of useful functions. Simple program with full help file does everything it purports to do and does it extrmemly well and fast. I have been using the program for years and continue to find new uses for it. Excellent support although rarely needed. Look here for MIDI functions before looking any place else because anything done in GNMIDI is unlikely to be done better elsewhere.

Van Basco's Midi Player This is an excellent playlist player for MIDI files. Not specifically designed forE-Roll playing but simple and quick to learn.

www.mechanicalmusicpress.com  "Mail-order source for Art Reblitz' book The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments; plus pages of detailed historical information on automatic instruments by Terry Hathaway and other authors; links to other interesting automatic music sites."