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After many years collecting and scanning piano rolls, I have assembled a new CD of 5056 MIDI files from Reproducing Piano Rolls. These files are specifically for use on modern reproducing pianos such as the Yamaha Disklavier, the PianoDisc and PianoMation systems as well as for use with any MIDI player.
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The music contained in these files represents the playing of some of the best pianists of the early 20th Century. Included are such great classical pianists as Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arthur Rubinstein, Joseph Hofmann, Fanny Bloomfield Zeisler, Harold Bauer, Ignaz Friedman, E. Robert Schmitz, Leopold Godowsky and many others. Popular performers include, George Gershwin, Pauline Alpert, Constance Mering, Robert Armbruster and many others. Genre include Serious Classical, Light Classical, Opera, Light Opera and Operetta, Show Tunes and Popular Music of the teens, 20s and 30s.

This new CD includes a variety of formats for use with different file players and pianos. Files may be copied to floppy or CD (with the appropriate software) but the best way to play them is with a computer connected to the piano. In addition to the files themselves, a software player and several utilities are included to maximize playback options. The files have been carefully checked for errors both in the music and in the text annotations. Every effort has been made to produce music files that duplicat the performances of Antique Reproducing Pianos on modern instruments. Similar files are available from a variety of sources but quality varies. Download the sample set and judge for yourself.

The complete set is available for $230 including shipping. This is a limited time introductory price. Click here-> "To Order". A set of samples which includes 30-second excerpts of each file may be downloaded from the following links. These are rather large files and may take some time to unzip due to internet security settings on some computers, but it is the best way to try before you buy. The set is in a format that does not include soft pedal control as this is compatible with the most players. The CD contains files sets with and without soft pedal control.

Please note that some anti virus programs (usually running under XP) may prevent the downloading and de-compressing of zip files.Contact me if you are having problems getting these files. Usually you will have no problems with a Win 7 or Mac computer.You might also try the Stuffit expander if you are having problems http://www.stuffit.com/win-expander.html

Sample set of files with short file names
Sample set of files with long file names (may not work on some computers or players)

The simplest way to sample files is to download the "VanBasco Karaoke Player" (A link is provided in the UserManual). A more robust playlist player is included on the CD or from the Spencer's files download page, linked below. For Mac users, QuickTime and QMIDI both work well with these files.

A complete list of the files contained on this CD is available in several formats. Right click to download the following or right click to open.

Complete file list: Excel Spreadsheet format
Complete file list: Tabbed Delimited text
Complete file list: PDF format
User Manual for files and utilities, PDF format

Additional utilities may be found on the following page:
Spencer's file download page

A program for converting MIDI files to CDs for use with modern reproducing pianos is available from the following site: Mid2PianoCD