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This page is a collection of resources for the Live Performance LX owner. Tools and information from a variety of sources will be added as they become available. For installation of LX systems in the Seattle Area or in Mendocino County, California, contact me at E-mail to Spencer.

UTILITIES: tool for making the most of your LX experience

Mid2PianoCD MID2PianoCD is a software utility for Windows which allows you to encode MIDI and ESEQ music files into the special CD formats required for various types of electronic player piano systems. These are CDs in which one audio channel contains audio accompaniment while the other audio channel contains a digital control track for the piano (sometimes referred to as "analog MIDI").This software currently supports PianoDisc, QRS Pianomation, Yamaha Disklavier and Marantz Pianocorder formats Live performance LX is now supported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid2PianoCD text file maker Mid2PianoC will create MP3 files as well as WAV. The MP3 files may be tagged with ID3V2 tags displaying virtually any information you want. This tool set allows you to create a text reference file from which .tag.txt files may be made.Reference files may be made from imported text greatly simlifying the process of identifying your files so as to display in file browsers and MP3 players incluuding Itunes.Download the zip file, expand it and read the readme.txt file for further instructions.

MP3 Ripping and tagging tools for Live Performance CDs
This is a set of tools (with documentation) with which you can rip your Live Performance LX CDs to Itunes in MP3 format and add information tags displaying song title composer and performer. The zip file contains all the information needed. The DOC may be a little intimidating but the procedure is really quite simle once you try it. Documentation provides several options but most people will need only the simple method. Download the zip file, expand it and read the readme.doc or readme.txt file for further instructions.

Please contact me by the e-mail if you have any questions.

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