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For 2008 there are two free Holiday Gift Programs, A MIDI Virtual Pianola Program and a Karaoke Text Adder Program. These may be found on the Files4Download Page or at the links below.

Please check the Files4Dowload Page for many free utilities. click here

The Virtual Pianola program is a MIDI file player that allows you to modify the performance in ways similar to the use of an old fashioned Pianola Piano. Simple monotonous MIDI files can be converted into live sounding performances. A gamepad with two analog joysticks is required. Any MIDI device can be used for output including hardware and software synths and solenoid pianos that allow MIDI input. Full use instructions are included in the help file which is accessible when the program is loaded.

The Karaoke Text Adder program is also a MIDI file player but with a different purpose. It allows the addition of lyrics to a MIDI file with minimal effort. Instead of having to type lyrics into a sequencer program, the program works from a text file. Lyrics for many songs are available on the internet so the task of typing the lyrics is already done in most cases. The Karaoke Adder program automatically converts the text into syllables and adds them to the MIDI file when the user presses the space key. All you have to do is keep time with the space key. The rest is done by the program. Full use instructions are included in the help file which is accessible when the program is loaded.

A free "Virtual" Wind Chime (WindChime) that can be configured for a mix of random and programmed response. The user has control over many variable that contribute to the pattern of notes. Modes and keys can be chosen as well as many other parameters which will produce and endless variety of effects. Based on MIDI event generation, it can be used with any MIDI hardware or software synthesizer. The better the synth, the better the sound. The default Microsoft Wavetable Synth is the bare minimum and produces a passable sound. A good sound card with a good sound sample set will produce much better results.

click here to download the Virtual Pianola program

click here to download the Karaoke Adder program

click here to download the WindChime

Here is a great recording of Vladimir Horowitz playing Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens click here
(Ignore the warning from windows xp with service pack 2 installed, nothing is wrong with the file.)

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To open the files below, just click and your default MIDI player will open. You may have to press the start button. To save the files "right click" and choose "save target as" and select a saving location. Mac users should use the equivalent technique available from their browser.

Three New Emulations from Ampico Christmas Rolls
and two previously listed ones.

(Please e-mail, if you want this in E-Roll format for your Original Ampico Piano) e-mail requests

Three New Christmas Piano Roll Emulations

Christmas Greetings 1925, The Story of Christmas

Christmas Greetings 1926, Toyland (A Christmas Fantasie)

Finally a Good Duo-Art Christmas Roll !!!!!! Yes there was one good Duo-Art Christmas Roll.

Christmas Fantasy:
Jingle Bells; Holy Night (Adam); Hark, the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn); Adest Fedelis (O Come, All Ye Faithful) (Wade's "Canti Diversi") Arranged and played by Erno Rapee